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A big shout out this week goes to Matthew Weiner (and no, Matthew Weiner is not an employee at Edelman UAE), he is the prodigy behind Mad Men. This week AMC aired the season 5 finale of Mad Men. I highly, highly, highly recommend everyone (especially those that work at an agency) to watch the show. Aside from the show’s talented cast, excellent costume designer and dramatic story line, Mad Men perfectly depicts the agency life like no other TV show or movie in Hollywood – especially in terms of handling clients, staff and everyday work life. I propose our office dress up as the cast members, call ourselves Edel(Mad)Men and nickname Iain Twine and Justin Westcott as Roger Sterling and Don Draper, respectively.

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Insha’Allah option on Facebook coming this November, Insha’Allah?

Moving along with TWTW, in my last Arabian Bytes blog post I talked about the new Facebook updates and this week I have more updates to share – no pun intended. According to, Facebook users across the Middle East and North Africa will be given the option to reply to an event invitation with ‘Join’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Decline’ or ‘Insha’Allah’.  For our global readers, Insha’Allah means God willing or if God wills (permits) it. Devoted Muslims use the phrase to make a point about a future plan to do something (basically, requesting God to bless the activity). Our local readers know that Insha’Allah is commonly used by locals, Arabs and increasingly more western expats to give a ‘maybe I will, maybe I won’t – who knows’ answer.


The other addition to Facebook will spark particular interest from the Dubai community because it’s all about VIP, exclusivity and high-class service. Facebook will introduce ‘Platinum Upgrade’ specifically for the GCC markets, a premium option for 50 exclusive social media users. The feature will offer 5-star services such as a ‘bespoke wall’ and 24-hour status concierge facility. Who will be invited to the Facebook Platinum Upgrade this November? We will want details.

Insha’Allah, these updates are coming soon.

Unfortunately, we just found out the exciting news was all a joke. Nice (fake) buzz story, Pan-Arabia Enquirer.

A .com domain is circa 1985! 2012 is all about .abudhabi, .dubai and .etisalat.

If you read the front cover of Gulf News this morning, I’m sure you spotted the headline news about UAE organizations grabbing 46 domains in the first wave of special addresses. The internet regulator, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, introduced new domain names to the internet, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi have both submitted their applications for the new generic top-level domain (gTLD) – estimated cost is $185,000 with an annual fee of $25,000.

Dubai – the city known for being the world’s greatest at breaking the world’s finest records

World’s tallest building: Dubai Burj Khalifa – CHECK
World’s largest shopping mall: Dubai Mall – CHECK
World’s tallest skyline: somewhere in Dubai – CHECK
World’s only “7-star” property: Burj Al Arab – CHECK
World’s second cheapest metro transportation system: Dubai Metro – CHECK
World’s largest man-made harbor: Port Jebel Ali – CHECK
World’s longest sandwich: 2.667kms sandwich in Dubai – CHECK
World’s biggest gold ring in Dubai: Kanz jewellery showroom in Dubai – CHECK
World’s first Arabic Calligraphy skateable art form: Tashkeel Dubai – CHECK?

Latest breaking record: World’s most expensive billboard: $1.3 billion billboard for Skydive Dubai and Go Fast – CHECK (as of June 13th, 2012)

World’s most expensive billboard YouTube video

And that is your dose of the week that was…

- Julie Nguyen, Senior Account Executive, Edelman

After watching this week’s tech news, I was reminded of the quote attributed (or some would argue mis-attributed) to Senator Everett Dirksen in the US, “A billion here, a billion there…pretty soon you’re talking about real money.” Well this week Google spent some real money and HP made a big announcement…on to the news.

Google announces purchase of Motorola Mobility for a cool $12.5 billion

If you’re reading this, it’s hard to imagine you could have missed the week’s biggest news. Much digital ink has already been spilled about the purchase, but I’d highly recommend this post from the Foss Patents blog – a good analysis that dives further into the idea that this isn’t just a patent play for Google.

Disclosure: Motorola is an Edelman client

HP shuts down webOS devices

Big news broke on Thursday as HP announced they will stop producing its TouchPad tablet and webOS phones. Check out full coverage at Engadget. HP also spent a few billion dollars of its own, spending $10.3 billion to acquire search software company Autonomy, at the same time as announcing it intends to spin off its PC division.

Disclosure: HP is an Edelman client

Twitter now more Arabic friendly

ArabCrunch covers good news for Arabic users of Twitter, which now enables right to left text. In the past, the standard setup was particularly challenging when combining English and Arabic text (when using English hashtags for example), but this problem has been addressed in the latest update.

Happy Oasis: A Farmville for the Middle East

On a personal note, I had the good fortune to meet Suleiman Bakhit, founder of Aranim, which has produced a Facebook game call “Happy Oasis” which some have described as an “Farmville for the Middle East.” Check them out on Facebook – interesting to see a local, Arabic-led design leading the charge into the social gaming sphere.

Facebook usage in the Middle East – Infographic style

Finally, in case you missed it blogger Wissam Dandan posted an interesting infographic breaking down how Facebook is used in the Middle East.

One interesting stat highlighted is the Middle East has the lowest female population on social media. While PRNewser tells us, “Women in the Digital Driver’s Seat,” the latest stats indicate there’s still room to grow here in this region.

Infographic By LEBSEO Design

Disclosure: Motorola, HP and RIM are Edelman clients.

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